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Eternal Alaska

Fishing Legacy Scattering Tubes for Human Ashes - Cremation Urns for Burial, Travel, Transport or Spreading Cremains -TSA-compliant With FREE SHIPPING and FREE MATCHING Memorial Evite Template

Fishing Legacy Scattering Tubes for Human Ashes - Cremation Urns for Burial, Travel, Transport or Spreading Cremains -TSA-compliant With FREE SHIPPING and FREE MATCHING Memorial Evite Template

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Introducing the Fishing Legacy Ash Scattering Tube by Eternal Alaska Urns, a heartfelt tribute to honor the memory of a fishing enthusiast. Crafted with care, this beautiful cremation urn features a serene fishing scene and a secure, easy-to-use closure system, allowing for the dignified scattering of ashes in a beloved fishing spot. Preserve cherished memories and pay homage to a life well-lived with this exquisite urn, a lasting symbol of love and passion for fishing.
  • BEAUTIFUL WAY TO HONOR A LOVED ONE. The beautifully detailed design features a fishing rod and reel and lures. For many, it provides a feeling of peace and tranquility. 
  • ECO FRIENDLY. Made of recycled compressed paper, these can provide an earth-friendly option whether used for scattered ashes, burial, or an ashes keepsake.
  • EASY TO USE: We include detailed step-by-step instructions on how to fill and use the urn. A perforated tab is depressed in the inner lid when ready to release and scatter. The scattering tube may be recycled after use.
  • SECURE TRANSPORT: You can travel by air with this urn. It is TSA-compliant as it can easily be x-rayed and screened for human ashes. The cotton bag it comes packaged in provides a discrete and added layer of protection during transport or travel.
  • Includes a FREE Matching Funeral/Memorial Evite Template: Once the order is received, we will send the Canva template to the email address you provided. Then, just follow the directions to create a beautiful MATCHING electronic invitation on the free Canva app. Your friends and family will appreciate the fact that you provided such warm and attractive details.  

Product Description

The large-size scattering urn is 14.8” tall and 5” in diameter. It has a capacity of 250 cubic inches and is designed for holding the ashes of a person who weighed up to 250 pounds before cremation. To use this urn, simply remove the inner tube and fill it with your departed loved one's ashes. Once done, line the included glue along the outer tube's interior and carefully place the inner tube back inside. Cover the small opening at the top of the tube with the sticker provided in the package, then place the lid back on. When ready to scatter, remove or puncture the sticker and spread the ashes in the desired location with gentle shakes.

About Eternal Alaska

Eternal Alaska is recognized as a worldwide leader in Ash Scattering Memorials. Our clients have trusted us with Ash Scattering Memorials in such amazing places as Hawaii, the Great Smoky Mountains, New York, the Gulf of Mexico, and even Alaska. We are a small business operating in Huntsville, Alabama that proudly designs, manufactures, and distributes a line of high-quality memorial products including urns, scattering tubes, and cremation jewelry. 

If you are unhappy with our urns and ash scattering products for any reason, we offer a full refund with no questions asked. Serving you during this incredible time of need is something we take seriously. It is an honor that you selected us for such an important purchase. We won't let you down. 

Like the life this urn represents, each Eternal Alaska Urn is a Masterful Work of Art

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