The Eternal Alaska Story

As a former guide in Alaska, founder and President,  Stan Reese, has experienced the beauty of this great state. He heard many visitors and former residents request, as part of their final wishes, to be brought back to a place they love for a distinctive ash scattering service. 

The idea of Eternal Alaska came to Stan in 2018 while standing atop one of the high peaks in the Alaska Mountain Range. As he gazed contently at Denali, the tallest mountain in North America, he was home. He had found forever peace and happiness in the wildness of Alaska. 

 As he researched the idea of his own ash scattering service in Alaska, Stan couldn't find a company that specialized in this task and that offered the personal, distinctive service he thought he deserved.  

It seemed that these other companies treated ashes like a parcel that could be boxed up and sent through the mail. The thought that his own ashes would be packaged, stamped, and delivered to the post office just didn't seem quite right. He knew he deserved more. 

That is when the idea of Eternal Alaska began to grow. Stan knew that there were many more people like him who wanted their ashes respectfully scattered in Alaska. He knew that the surviving family members would never want to just box up the ashes and put a stamp on the box and mail it to someone they have never met. 

As Eternal Alaska grew from a service to spread ashes in the Alaska wilderness to scattering ashes in Hawaii, the Gulf of Mexico and even New York, Stan began to research how he could help more people get through the loss of a loved one. 

So, Eternal Alaska Urns was created and Stan began working on a carefully curated collection of urns that he thought would make a fitting memorial for those who didn't want their ashes scattered in the wild. Each one of the urns in the Eternal Alaska catalog has been carefully screened and personally selected for you. And each one comes with a complete no questions asked return policy. 

"Like the life this urn represents, each Eternal Alaska Urn is a Masterful Work of Art."


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