Scattering ashes isn’t mere ritual. It’s a heart’s promise, a soul's yearning. As the grains disperse, they echo tales, love, promises, and memories. Choose Eternal Alaska. Let's together craft a final chapter worthy of the journey.

Scattering Ashes in Majestic Places

Life isn't about the beginning or middle, but the grace with which we conclude the narrative. As cremation becomes a common choice, scattering ashes emerges as the poignant, emotional farewell. A testament to the vivacity of the departed, the act of spreading ashes creates a testament set against nature’s vast canvas.

The Ultimate Resting Place

Our loved ones have stories, tales that span across moments of joy, adventure, sorrow, and laughter. In their final moments, many express wishes, sometimes in quiet whispers on their deathbed, of where they'd like their essence to rest.

Promises are made during these vulnerable moments—sacred pledges to honor their desires. Yet, the weight of such commitments can be heavy. It's challenging to uphold these promises, especially when they involve scattering ashes in special places dear to their hearts.

The logistics, the emotional journey, and the desire to get it just right can be overwhelming. However, shouldn't their last resting place be as significant as these tales? Each location—be it Alaska’s untouched wilderness, Panama City's tranquil shores, the iconic Great Smoky Mountains, the spirited heart of New York City, or the awe-inspiring Rocky Mountains—speaks volumes of the life it celebrates. To truly honor them is to remember and fulfill those final wishes, making their stories resonate for generations to come.

Eternal Alaska’s Heartfelt Offer

At Eternal Alaska, honoring the departed isn't just a service—it’s a sacred commitment. Recognizing the deep-rooted desire to fulfill the final wishes of a loved one, we provide an opportunity to turn this profound act into a cherished memory.

Special Autumn Ash Scattering Memorial: Until October 31, 2023, step up to cherish, remember, and honor. With five mesmerizing locales, your promise to your dear one becomes an unforgettable reality. With prices starting from just $349, the legacy of love doesn't break the bank.

Alaska's Embrace: A vast land of purity awaits. At $2499, choose Alaska. Every ceremony here is documented with a certificate and complemented with a high-resolution snapshot of the exact moment. A memento of finality and serenity.

Panama City's Golden Sunset: For just $349, surrender to the mesmerizing beauty of St Andrews State Park. A certificate and a touching digital portrayal immortalize the moment.

Whispers of the Great Smoky Mountains: Experience the mountains' ethereal embrace for $349. Along with National Park-regulated services, take home a certificate and an evocative digital frame.

New York City’s Pulse: The unconventional allure of Central Park. For $1749, let the city's rhythm accompany your loved one's spirit.

Majesty of the Rockies: Bask in the Rockies' grandeur. Priced at $1449, this package seamlessly intertwines the soul with nature.

Seize the Moment

Opportunities are ephemeral. This limited-time gesture is for every heart longing to dedicate a timeless tribute. Begin with a simple form. While nature's whims might necessitate flexibility in dates, Eternal Alaska guarantees a ceremony within 30 days of your preferred date.

Sending ashes? We simplify it. Choose our special box or yours, ensuring it’s labeled "cremated remains" as per USPS norms. A nominal USPS shipping fee ensures a seamless process.

Nature, Nurture, Now

Preserving the sanctity of nature is integral to our service. Our methods are eco-conscious, ensuring that untouched landscapes remain pristine for generations.

While our hearts might yearn to mark these special places with physical memorials or cairns, regulations prohibit such actions to maintain the natural beauty of these environments. Recognizing the importance of remembering these sacred spots, we meticulously mark the exact location with GPS coordinates. This precise approach allows families to hold onto a tangible piece of knowledge, knowing forever the exact place where their loved one's spirit has found rest, all the while ensuring that the environment remains undisturbed and as breathtaking as the memories they hold.

A Call to Emotion

Scattering ashes isn’t mere ritual. It’s a heart’s promise, a soul's yearning. As the grains disperse, they echo tales, love, promises, and memories. Choose Eternal Alaska. Let's together craft a final chapter worthy of the journey. Embrace this call, and create a timeless tribute. Act now. Emotion beckons.

Order your Ash Scattering Memorial today as these Autumn special prices. But act now, these prices expire at the end of October.

Stan Reese stands at the forefront of end-of-life services as President of Eternal Alaska. This name is known for quality cremation urns and unique ash scattering services in places like Alaska, Hawaii, the Gulf of Mexico New York, and the Great Smoky Mountains.

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