Securing a free cremation urn in times of need is achievable. Through charitable organizations and crowdfunding platforms like GoFundMe, families can find financial support during these difficult moments.

A Free Cremation Urn for Needy Families: A Comprehensive Guide

The loss of a loved one is an emotionally challenging time. For many, it's also a financially straining period, especially when it comes to arranging for burial or cremation. One of the costs related to cremation is the urn. In this article, we'll provide a step-by-step guide on how to secure a free cremation urn for needy families. We'll cover a range of options, from organizations that offer free urns to setting up a crowdfunding campaign.

Organizations That Offer Free Cremation Urns

There are organizations that understand the financial difficulties families face during these times. Unfortunately, however, there are very few groups that provide free urns for families in need. Most of the organizations that exist are either regional or they cater to specific needs such as families who have lost children. Some of these include:

  • Children's Burial Assistance: This amazing group provides urns to families, based upon availability. You can find out more about eligibility requirements on their website.
  • Final Farewell: Final Farewell is a Philadelphia based group that helps provide affordable solutions for families who have lost a child. Their website has information about resources and how to donate.
  • The Tears Foundation: According to their website, the TEARS Foundation seeks to compassionately lift a financial burden from families who have lost a child by providing funds to assist with the cost of burial or cremation services. We also offer parents comprehensive bereavement care in the form of grief support groups and peer companions.
  • Free Urns For Vets: Information about this group will be provided in the coming weeks. This non-profit, based in Alabama, provides free urns for veterans, easing the burden on families and honoring a hero.

Remember, each of these organizations has its application process. Generally, it involves providing information about your financial situation and your loved one.

Crowdfunding: A Step-by-Step Guide to Setting Up a GoFundMe Campaign

In addition to seeking help from charitable organizations, consider using a crowdfunding platform like GoFundMe. This online tool allows individuals to raise funds for various causes, including funeral costs. Here's a simple step-by-step guide on how to set up a GoFundMe campaign:

Step 1: Go to the GoFundMe homepage.

  • Click on "Start a GoFundMe".
  • Remember, you will need to create an account if you don't already have one.

 Step 2: Fill in the campaign details.

  • Choose the 'Funerals & Memorials' category.
  • Provide a title for your campaign. Make it concise and touching.
  • Set your fundraising goal. Be realistic and consider the costs you need to cover.

Step 3: Describe your campaign.

  • Tell your story. Explain why you're seeking financial support.
  • Detail how the funds will be used. In this case, mention the cost of a cremation urn.
  • People connect with genuine stories. Make it heartfelt.

Step 4: Add a photo or video.

  • A picture or video of your loved one can make the campaign more personal.
  • Make sure any media you add is clear and appropriate.

Step 5: Review and publish your campaign.

  • Go through the details one last time.
  • Make sure everything is accurate and then publish.

Step 6: Share your campaign.

  • Use social media, email, and word-of-mouth to share your campaign.
  • The more people see it, the higher the chances of reaching your goal.

Remember, setting up a GoFundMe campaign is just the start. It's crucial to keep your donors updated on the campaign's progress. Thank them for their contributions and remind them how their donations are making a difference.

Wrap Up

Securing a free cremation urn in times of need is achievable. Through charitable organizations and crowdfunding platforms like GoFundMe, families can find financial support during these difficult moments. Remember, it's okay to ask for help. Many people and organizations are willing to offer support.

If you know of a veteran who has passed and the family cannot afford a fitting cremation urn, please reach out to us and we will provide one at no charge. It is the least that we can do to show our gratitude for their efforts. 

Stan Reese is President and Founder of Eternal Alaska

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